William Melvin Gardner grew up on a farm and, at various times, has been a mechanic, a weather technician, professor of psychology, researcher, mental health administrator, businessman, and automotive historian.  At age 29, he received a Ph.D. in General Experimental Psychology from the University of Alabama; he served on the faculty at Georgia Southern College, Mercer University, and Jacksonville State University. He spent a year studying communication disorders at the University of Wisconsin, and occasionally during his teaching career took courses in philosophy.  After retiring from Jacksonville State University, he taught at the College of Charleston and Reinhardt College. His research topics included animal behavior, comparative learning, personality, childcare institutions, and academic honesty. He has written on statistical methods, language, academic cheating, attitude assessment, conditioning and learning, and on his lifelong hobby:  automobile history. He lives near the Gulf Coast where he continues to read and write on topics ranging from truth to human nature.

William Melvin Gardner’s most recent publication is:  Handling Truth: Navigating the Riptides of Rhetoric, Religion, Reason, and Research (Logica Books, 2012)William Melvin Gardner